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As you'll see from my experience I'm able to offer services in many areas of City Government. If you have a need not listed below please reach out to discuss how I may be able to assist you and your team. 

Services Offered

 Records Management

  • Coordinates and administers the City’s records management program and has a thorough knowledge of records retention policies and procedures

  • Legal Advertising

  • Prepares agendas, notices, minutes and all legislative materials for a legislative body

  • Experienced in the maintenance of official records, including agreements, resolutions and ordinances, financial disclosures and voting conflict forms

  • Evaluates and implement automated electronic systems, including Questys (document center/imaging), Civic Clerk (legislative management), CivicPlus (website), BS&A (financial management), Just FOIA (records request management system), Barracuda (email archiving system), Tyler Technologies
    (Financial Package and Municipal Agenda Management Software)

  • Have provided assistance in the Processing and Tracking of Grants (CDBG, REDI, FDOT)

  • Assist with Community Redevelopment Agency grant administration

  • Work closely on Code Enforcement Orders

  • Recording of all documents using Simplifile

  • Have administered the Purchasing/Bid Process for major projects

Communications Support

  • Organizes large comprehensive projects and reports for Council and management

  • Develops surveys and internal studies as directed by the Manager or Council to evaluate the effectiveness of operations

  • Establishes media relations; creates informational publications

  • Collaborates with local legislators, civic and community organizations and business groups

  • Plans, directs and evaluates staff activity and tasks

  • Previously served as the General Employee and Public Safety Pension Boards Clerk

  • Tracking and Trending of Statistical Information along with City Manager and Team of Directors, as necessary

  • Filing of Utility Liens / Release of Utility Liens

  • Follows through with statutory notifications of Annexation and Land Use Changes (Small Scale

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments)

Project Management

  • Tracks and participates in Legislative practices through service on Legislative Administration Policy Committee which involves ongoing communication with local, State and Federal legislators on various issues impacting Municipal Home Rul

  • Travel Arrangements for Legislative Officials

Budgeting Assistance

Prepares annual budget and provides fiscal oversight and accountability for City Clerk Department

Legal & Sunshine Law Assistance

  • Publishes legal notices as required by law and oversees code codification

  • Serves as Municipal Supervisor of Elections; coordinates and runs municipal elections

  • Experienced in Florida’s Sunshine and public record laws

Election Support

  • Have worked closely with local Supervisor of Elections and Municipal Attorney to
    administer a municipal election from beginning to end.

  • Prepared packets of information for potential electoral candidates

  • Worked closely with candidates to ensure they met deadlines and provided general
    guidance throughout the process of running for office.



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